Meet our Gurus

Involve and Evolve is our motto. We also know that "a teacher instructs, but a Guru constructs" - and we have gurus with us who would construct a musician and strong persona in you.

Our gurus have decades of experience in playback singing and are well-versed in Carnatic music. They are capable of gracefully getting around the intangible obstacles that might be stopping you from bettering your skills as a singer. They will help you unleash your potential to singing by unbinding you from the shackles of shyness, stage fear, diffidence, ignorance, and mental block.

Following are the gurus who can handhold you.

Lalu from a young age was enticed by how music is a universal language and a great equalizer.
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Lalu Sukumar

Experienced Music Master
Preetha PV is a professional singer with over 30 years of experience in playback singing, stage performances and television shows.
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Preetha P V

Playback Singer
He has been training for both students and interested adults in carnatic vocal, light music, ghazals etc for about past 25 years
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Chandrasekharan T K

Experienced versatile musician
Ravisankar is a renowned playback singer of Malayalam film industry , a well-known singer, a stage performer, a music composer and a classical musician.
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Ravisankar R

Stage performer & music composer
Having started his music career with the so called 'competition era' of school festivals, sri Roopesh was the winner of the Kerala state level light music title for three successive years.
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E K Roopesh

Music Trainer, Performer
Nikhilraj is a Playback singer in Malayalam film industry. He has been doing fusion shows and jamming with various famous bands of Kerala.
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Nikhilraj P N

Playback Singer, Performer
Dr. Balamurali is a disciple of renowned Artists Late Sri . Mavelikkara Prabhakara Varma and Neyyatinkara Vasudevan . He was Initially trained Classical Music by his father Kollam P.G Gopinathan Nair.
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Dr. Kollam G.S Balamurali

Classical Music Trainer
Sarath believes that a musical journey will never be complete without imparting his knowledge to the ones who seek it.
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Sarath Chandra Bose

Dedicated Music Trainer
Annapoorna is a vocalist as well as a violinist, who has won many accolades in both the fields at various competitions.
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Annapoorna P

Vocalist & Violinist
Padmasree P S aspires to be a music scholar and a teacher, and has dedicated her life to pursue academic and performing interests in the field of Carnatic music
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Padmasree P S

Experienced Music Trainer
Krishnendu believes that there is music in every tiny particle of the universe – and it is impossible for her to separate herself from that music.
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Krishnendu P

Music trainer with a passion
Maathu Kalyani began her travel with Music since her childhood and has been learning carnatic music for 15 years.
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Maathu Kalyani

Vocal Trainer
Lakshmi L V began her musical journey since her childhood when she was 8 years old. Since then she has been associated with several musical groups and events. She has been active singer on multiple digital platforms singing both devotional and film songs receiving appreciation from professionals.
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Lakshmi L V

Experienced Singer and performer
Saritha Rajeev is a playback singer with an eclectic professional performing experience spanning a period of almost 3 decades. She has sung in more than 10 movies and in well over 300 albums in a variety of different genres proving her versatility in Indian film singing.
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Saritha Rajeev

Playback Singer, Music Trainer and Performer
Carnatic Music Teacher and Performer with over 20 years of experience in both India and the UK
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Nikhil Palluruthy

Carnatic Music Teacher and Performer
A dynamic musician commitment to musical excellence, with a passion for music cultivated from a young age.
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A Highly Talented and Dynamic Musician
An accomplished vocalist and dedicated music teacher, brings a unique approach to share her passion for music with students
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Binoopa C K

Accomplished and Versatile Vocalist