Music for the little champs
Music for the little champs

Parents! This one is for
your little champ!!

When learning is fun,
it is easy to bring out the
musician in them.

Learning music will inspire your kids to use their minds better and think creatively. Little Champs sessions, with an array ranging from nursery rhymes to lilting songs will take the kids into the colors of the musical rainbow

Let them fly high musically.

Fun with music

Learning music will improve analytical skills in children and make them more creative. Our Little Champs programme is specially made for the little ones.

Join the fun filled music learning sessions at mjmusiczone which are tailor-made for the small children.

Who can join?

Little Champs is for the little kids of age 6 to 7 years. If the age of the child is 5 years, we would still consider him/her to enroll for the course based on the audition result. Kindly send us an audio clip of the vocal recital of your child along with the enquiry form.