Advanced Course Level 04

  • Category Light and Devotional Songs

  • Certificate Yes

  • Medium of instruction Malayalam

Light music imparts sophistication through its simplicity. Light songs are mostly poetry driven and their thematic cover philosophy, nature, romance, ethnicity, and spirituality.

Devotional songs, communicate the “Bhakthi Rasa” in various expressions of prayer such as praising, pleading, hailing, and celebrating the divine.

You should have either completed our Advanced course 03 in Light and Devotional music or have a strong foundation in music, which will be assessed by our team through online auditions. 

You are required to complete 12 sessions in order to get certified for the course. 

This course covers many aspects that covers the following areas:

LDA04 Light and Devotional Songs – Advanced Course Level 04 

Session 1,2 : LDA04 - Voice Modulation Techniques 

Session 3,4,5 : LDA04 - Meera Bhajan

Session 6,7,8 : LDA04 - Learning Light Song 5 

Session 9,10,11,12 : LDA04 - Kadhakali Sangeetham

Now, you sense a readiness to unfurl your wings and soar to greater heights in the realm of singing. Our Gurus, during their instructional sessions, present you with a guiding star to aspire to. Consequently, you will gain the confidence needed to melodiously render light and devotional songs before an astute audience.

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