Advanced Course Level 07

  • Category Indian Film Songs

  • Certificate Yes

  • Medium of instruction Malayalam

Mastering ornamentations in singing is a journey that spans years of dedicated practice and training. At MJ MusicZone, we are committed to guiding you on this transformative path, where you will discover the nuances of ornamentations and develop a singing style that will exceed your own expectations. Together, we will lead you to a level of vocal expression that you never imagined possible. 

You should have either completed our Advanced course Level 06 in Film Music or possess a profound understanding of Indian film music and singing techniques. Our team will evaluate your talent through online auditions.

You are required to complete 12 sessions in order to get certified for the course. 

This course covers many aspects that covers the following areas:

Session 1,2,3: FSA07- Learning song 1 (Composition of Ilayaraja)

Session 4,5,6: FSA07- Learning song 2 (Composition of Ilayaraja)

Session 7,8,9: FSA07- Learning song 3 (Composition of Sharreth)

Session 10,11,12: FSA07- Learning song 4 (Composition of Sharreth)

Now, if you aspire to become a professional singer and take your passion to greater heights, our Gurus are here to set the perfect pace for your journey. Through their guidance and mentorship, you will not only enhance your singing skills but also gain invaluable insights into the nuances of professional singing. With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve your dreams and go beyond what you ever thought possible in your musical career.

Available Batches

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