Basic Course Level 03

  • Category Little Masters

  • Certificate Yes

  • Medium of instruction Malayalam

Little Masters sessions, with a combination of Film songs, Light and Devotional songs will enable children to improve self-expressions, understand melody, rhythm, and harmony by learning new concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Learning music will improve analytical skills in children and make them more creative. Our Little Masters programme is specially made for the children in the age group of 8-10 years.

Children who completed all the 5 levels of our Little Champs programme get straight entry to this course. Other children can be admitted to Little Masters course based on the audition result. You will have to upload an audio recital of your child during the enrollment

You are required to complete the full course (4 levels) in order to get certified.

This course covers many aspects that include the following areas:

Session 1,2,3: Learning Hindi Film Song 1

Session 4,5,6: Learning Malayalam Film Song 4

Session 7,8,9: Bhajan

Session 10,11,12: Learning Malayalam Light Song 2

Little Masters programme comes with different levels of courses such as Basic (4 levels), Intermediate (4 levels) and Advanced (4 Levels).  After completing all levels, students get direct entry to our regular courses on Carnatic Classical Music, Indian Film Songs, Light and Devotional Songs etc.

Available Batches

Batches will be added soon.